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Digital-Full Body(Shaded/Detailed BG)
My specialty is with wolves and humanoids, but I am willing to try other species as well. Pay is either $2 or 200 :points:

Sorry I do not have any reference pictures yet... ^^'
Digital-Half Body(Shaded/Detailed BG)
Step 9 by Night-Walker16
Mistletoe by Night-Walker16
This is more for humans and humanoids. $2 or 160 :points:
Detailed Backgrounds
Sunset background by Night-Walker16
Snowing Background by Night-Walker16
Beach Background by Night-Walker16
Anything you can think of really and I'll do my best with it. $1 or 120 :points:
Digital-Full Body(Shaded/Simple BG)
Tengen by Night-Walker16
Tachito by Night-Walker16
Half-Blood by Night-Walker16
This can be human, humanoid, or wolves.
Can be other animals just preferred wolves.
$1 or 100 :points:
Digital-Full Body(Flat-Colored/Simple BG)
Satomi-playful by Night-Walker16
Natsumi-playful by Night-Walker16
This can be for humans, humanoid, or wolves.
I will do other animals just prefer wolves.
$1 or 100 :points:
Headshot-Brandon by Night-Walker16
Headshot-Rayne by Night-Walker16
Headshot-Sven by Night-Walker16
For headshots I do human, humanoid, and wolves.
$1 or 100 :points:
Digital-Full Body Lineart
Salathiel -lineart- by Night-Walker16
Full body Lineart- I can do humans, humanoid, naruto OCs, and wolves. I am willing to try other animals and creatures. 
$1 or 100 :points:
Traditional-Full Body(not colored)
Artemis by Night-Walker16
Rayne by Night-Walker16
Kane by Night-Walker16
Brandon by Night-Walker16
For this I can do humans, humanoid, and wolves.
Digital-Chibi(Flat-Colored/Simple BG)
Merry Christmas-Chibi Artemis by Night-Walker16
Cute by Night-Walker16
For chibis I do humans, humanoid, naruto characters/OCs, and possibly wolves.
Mizuki Stamp by Night-Walker16
Reapers by Night-Walker16
Germany Stamp by Night-Walker16
USA stamp by Night-Walker16
For stamps it doesn't matter if flat-colored or shaded, it's still the same price. I can't do animations yet though.


Which should i draw my characters first? (for A Demon's Angel btw) 

2 deviants said Casual Human Clothes
1 deviant said Naruto OC
1 deviant said Fairy Tail OC
No deviants said Pokemon OC
No deviants said School Uniforms
No deviants said Other...?


Yume +  Mizu :: CM for Night-Walker16 by OniMalen
These are my characters Uchiha Yume and Mizu the Three-Tailed Wolf(human form).
Picture made by :icononimalen:
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

Mizuko and Raiko by Ruu-k
These are my charcter Mizukage Mizuko and Raikage Raiko.
Picture made by :iconruu-k:
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

Rikou, Yume and Ginou by Ruu-k
These are my characters Hyuga Rikou, Uchiha Yume, and Inuzuka Ginou.
Picture made by :iconruu-k:
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

Mizuki and Netsu by Night-Walker16
These are my characters Mizuki and Netsu, half sisters.
Picture made by :iconNatsuAkiraNami:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

Beautiful People by Night-Walker16
These are my charcters Coma, Doom, Ishi, Fury, and Blaze, hellhounds.
Picture made by :iconNatsuAkiraNami:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

These are my characters Mizuki and Sakura, sisters.
Picture made by :iconkyotemeru:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

Commission - Night-Walker16 by IcedLemons
Here is a headshot of one of my characters, Blaze.
Picture made by :iconicedlemons:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

chibis for night-walker16 by iekika-bp
Here are chibi versions, from left to right, Kushina, Halo, and Tengen.
Picture made by :iconiekika-bp:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

Zadok [Point Commission] by Intortus-Aedo
Here is a headshot of Zadok Shadow.
Picture made by :iconintortus-aedo:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

Bijuu Siblings by Ruu-k
Here are some of my characters from left to right: Kaze, Sabure, Mizu, Mokuzai, and Tsuchi.
Picture made by :iconruu-k:.
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Uchiha Siblings by Ruu-k
Here are some of my characters from left to right: Uchiha Taiyo, Uchiha Ichiro, and Uchiha Yume.
Picture made by :iconruu-k:.
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Com: Always by RydeArt
Here are two of my characters: Artemis and Rayne Shadow.
Picture made by: :iconrydeart:
A Demon's Angel belongs to me.

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What Element Fits You Best?
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
After a few days scanning the sectors of Hell, Takahiro's hellhounds moved to search Earth. They had planned to start from the bottom and work their way up. Doom was not to happy about it as he stood shivering.
Doom: Antartica?! Of all the place you had to choose one of the coldest places to start the search.
Coma: I told you you should of brought a jacket.
Fury: Just be lucky you're not human otherwise you would probably be dead already.
Doom just glared at them. It was snowing lightly and the sun was starting to set. Off in the distance they could see a storm coming towards them.
Doom: Maybe we should take shelter.
The others just looked at him.
Doom: What?!
Blaze: Really? Really, Doom?
Doom: I don't want to hear it from the damn elemental. It's fucking cold. I live in Hell for a reason, it's warm.
Coma: Quit bickering you two and come on.
With that Coma started towards the storm. Fury and Blaze were not far behind him as they took off running. Doom was hestitant as he noticed the storm was progressly getting worse.
Doom: You have to be kidding me.
Sprinting after the rest of the group, Doom came up next to Blaze.
Doom: Why of all the places?
Blaze: You feel it though, right?
Doom: You mean the aura of a demon. It's kind of hard to miss.
Fury: He's not exactly hiding.
Coma: Which is why we're going to go at this cautiously. I will go in as the distraction since I'm the one who has close combat skills and has the most agility. If they attack, I'll be able to dodge easy enough.
Fury: I could help as back up.
Coma: True but thanks to your strength you can also attack from a distance. Blaze and Doom will also keep their distance in case the attacker tries anything sneaky. Once we get him in the open then you can move in Fury.
Fury: Still a high risk for you Coma.
Coma: Not the first time. Now spread out.
With that, Fury, Blaze, and Doom fell back from Coma to a long range distance and dispersed. One in place, the group when full speed, all their senses on high alert as they bolted straight for the source of the aura.

Back in Hell, Ishi was keeping an eye on the other hellhounds. Satan, Takahiro, and Mizuki all stood further back talking.
Takahiro: So far nothing.
Satan: You said they were in Antartica, right, Ishi?
Ishi: Yes sir.
Satan: That's one of our biggest blind spots on Earth... well should say has the most blind spots.
Takahiro: They're all very capable, but that doesn't earse the bad feeling I have in the pit of my stomach.
Satan: And that's what's worrying me. Your gut instinct haven't been wrong for me yet.
With one arm holding the other, Satan sat there chewing on his thumbnail as the different scenarioes and outcomes spun around in his head. Ishi who had been sitting on a raised platform suddenly straighten.
Mizuki: What is it?
Ishi: Getting something from Coma.
Takahiro: What happened?
Ishi: They've made contact.

Crash! Crack!
A large piece of glacier caming crashing down and sent cracks throughout the ice creating large crevices. Coma landed and crouched on a ledge on the side of a mountain. Tensing, Coma jumped away as the ledge disappeared and a giant ice spike took it's place. Landing back on the ground, Coma dodged again as another large ice spike narrowly missed him. Then as he reclaimed his footing and sword of ice came hammering down on him, splintering the ground and he blocked the strike.
Coma: So it was you. Why are you after Mizuki, Getsuto? What do you have to gain?
Getsuto: Like I'm going to tell you mutt.
Getsuto pulled back and struck again from the side. Coma blocked and Getsuto already had his sword back to swing again. Before the sword was able to come back around, Getsuto jumped away barely dodging Fury's kick.
Fury: You good?
Coma: I'm fine.
Getsuto smirked at the two of them. Then ducking down, Getsuto rolled away as a blast of fire darted across the land. Looking to the source, Blaze stood with a fire ball in hand ready to chuck it at the corrupt.
Getsuto: So you're the elemental.
Blaze: What of it, bitch?
Getsuto disappeared and reappeared in front of Blaze. His arm was incased in ice with a spike where his hand was.
Getsuto: Just means I'll kill you first.
Blaze brought up his arms leaving flame trails behind. Once he blocked, Blaze grabbed him by the arm and threw Getsuto into a near by ice wall.
Getsuto, a little stunned, began to shake his head to stop his ears from ringing. Then he ducked to the side as Doom's fist punched a hole into the ice. As soon as the smirk appeared it disappeared as Getsuto saw a light coming from within the ice.
Shards of ice were sent flying as an explosion from within shattered the wall. With a few nicks here and there after barely dodging the blast, Getsuto smirked again as he waited for the smoke to clear to reveal Doom walking towards.
Getsuto: You must be the hellhound known for destruction.
Doom: Looks like someone has been doing his homework.
Getsuto: Even without that information I could still against the likes of you.
Fury: Cocky little bitch, isn't he?
Blaze: I'll say.
Bolting forward, Getsuto brougt his arm around with a spiked, ice whip in hand. As Coma ducked, Fury and Blaze leaped into the air while Doom jumped over and darted at Getsuto. In a flurry of punches and kicks, the two continued in hand-to-hand combat. Every now and then, Doom would set off another explosion while Getsuto would sling ice shards in the hellhound's direction. Sliding back on his hands after dodging te attack, another ice shard came hurtling at him and caught him on his side. Jumping to avoid the second one, Doom gripped his side as blood began to drip from the gash in his flesh. Then, out of nowhere, the ice whip wrapped around his body and slammed him into the ground several hundred feet away.
Fury: Doom!
Fury then with all her strength punched the ice at her feet shatterig the earth and ice as it headed straight for Getsuto. Staggering, the corrupt was trying to regain his footing. Looking up, Getsuto had a shocked look a Blaze ignited his feet and began to flip creating a swirling vortex of fire heading straight for him. Dashing sideways as Blaze struck the ground, Getsuto sent a barrage of ice shards in his direction. Blaze counteracted by spinning on his hands making a wall of fire around him. Jumping through the flames, Blaze had his fist back with eletricity sparking from his hand. Getsuto dodged and landed a good distanced away. As he tried to move his right arm, he looked down at it surprised. He could not feel his arm and then an bolt of eletricity coursed around his arm as yelled in pain. Grabbing his arm, he glared at Blaze.
Getsuto: Damn elemental...
Blaze smirked as he put his arms out with lightning wrapping around his arms as he gathered energy. The lightning crackling louder and louder as it got stronger. Then within those few seconds of gathering power, Blaze brought his hands together and a blast of lightning was sent hurtling towards the corrupt. Hitting right on the mark, Getsuto was sent flying several thousand feet into a nearby mountain.
Dropping down to one knee, Blaze started panting with a grin. Then looking to where he last saw Doom, he saw that Coma was helping him to his feet. Fury walked over next to Blaze.
Fury(panting): Took you long enough.
Blaze: Sorry it takes a minute or two to gather the energy I need to create that kind of attack.
Coma, supporting Doom, walked over to them.
Coma: Come on. Let's go grab him and head back to Hell.
Making their way to the mountain, Doom eventually started to walk on his own. Arriving at the crater, a look of shock came over their face as the corrupt was nowhere to be seen.
Getsuto: You really think you can take me down with just that?
Spinning around, the hellhounds got into a defensive stance as Getsuto stood there. All that was left of Blaze's attack was slightly burned skin.
Blaze: How the fuck?!
Getsuto: You're not the only one with a few tricks up your sleeve.
Getsuto grinned maliciously as he took up a fighting stance, ready to strike.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
After gathering his hellhounds, Takahiro took them and Mizuki to see Satan. Upon arriving at the hall, the doors were blown off thier hinges and sent flying as an explosion bursted past the group. Looking inside, a pissed off Netsu came storming towards them to leave.
Netsu: Fuck you, I'm heading back to Earth! Fuck this place!
Satan: Get back here young lady!
Netsu: Screw you, you jackass!
With that Netsu vanished and Takahiro and the group walked over to Satan.
Takahiro: I take it the talk with Ms. Bitch didn't go so well.
Satan: I don't know but that damn girl is becoming more and more of a pain in my fucking ass by the minute!
Mizuki: You two never really did see eye to eye.
Satan: You don't say.
Mizuki glared at him and he smirked.
Satan: Sorry force of habit.
Takahiro: So what are we going to do about this Nathaniel character?
Satan paused as he thought of what the best course of action will be. 
Satan: Well first off, I'm going to check on Kronos. As for you, Takahiro, you will be sticking to Mizuki like glue and do not let her out of your sight. Ishi will be helping you to keep an eye on her. As for the rest of the hellhounds, I want them out searching for Nathaniel.
Blaze: I take it you want him alive?
Takahiro: Yes Blaze. We need him for questioning.
Satan: Exactly.
Doom: So much for blowing his head off.
Takahiro and Satan glared at him.
Doom: What?!
Takahiro: Get going.
With that all the hellhounds except for Ishi took off to search for the corrupt demon. Satan now turned to Takahiro, Mizuki, and Ishi.
Satan: As for you three, you will be staying here with me.

The other four hellhounds through several sectors of Hell. Meeting up, the four were exchanging any information they had found if any.
Fury: Any luck?
Doom: None, I could not find him or get any information on him. Anyone I asked had no clue.
Coma: I found a small group who have heard of Nathaniel. One has even seen him on Earth. Apparently that's where he mainly stays. As to where exactly, they had no idea.
Blaze: Well that's better than me. I couldn't find anything.
Fury: Let's go to the Gates. Maybe we can get something out of the corrupts we do have locked up.
Doom: Should be fun getting information out of them.
Blaze gave out an evil chuckle as Doom grin sadistically at him.
Fury: Just make sure you don't kill them this time you two.

On Earth, there was a cavern some where up in one of the mountain ranges in Asia. Some mountain climbers and stopped to take a look around.
Man1: This is amazing.
Man2: Here let me get my camera real quick and take a picture.
The first man found a spot and waited for his friend to grab the camera from their pack.
Man2: You ready?
The man struck a pose as the second man took the picture. Rushing to look at the picture, the man looked over his friend shoulder to see.
Man1: Hurry up I want to see.
The second man laughed as his friend acted like a kid on Christmas.
Man2: Just give it a second.
Finally the picture came up and both men stared at the picture.
Man1: What is that?
Pointing at the picture, he pointed to what looked like a shadowy figure standing behind him. Looking around, neither of the men saw anything.
Man2: Do you think this place is haunted?
Man1: I'm not sure.
Voice: I wouldn't say haunted.
Jumping and turning around, the men looked to see a figure standing near the entrance.
Man1: Who are you?
Figure: Me? If I were you I would be more worried about my friends.
The men felt someone standing behind them. They quickly turned around to see two more figures standing behind them. Staring back at them, the figures had glowing, blood red eyes. Shaking with fear, they both let out a scream as the figures attacked.
Figure1: Must you two always make a mess.
Figure2: You're one to talk Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Maybe so but at the same time not as bad as you too. By the way, Getsuto, have you gone to Hell recently?
Gesuto: Not lately no, but I know the girl is still there.
Figure2: Sad really, after all you had her right there and you let her go.
Getsuto: I didn't exactly have a choice with that damn reaper there. Sides I haven't seen you do any better, Vicent.
Vincent glared and bared his fangs at Getsuto.
Nathaniel: Enough you two, there's no time for your stupid games.
Vincent: How much longer do we have to wait?
Nathaniel: Don't worry we'll get her soon enough. After all, Mizuki plays a big part in Kronos' plan.


Night-Walker16's Profile Picture
Savanna "Mizuki Shadow"
United States
Profile pic made by- :iconlazymk:

Name: Savanna
Age: 20
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Family: Dad, Mom, and two younger brothers.
Adopted Family: :iconyumigetsuei: :icontakahiro-hellhound22:, :iconwolfkizashi19:, :iconpurew01f:, :iconsasuxxxnaru4eva:, Mary, goddaughter Lily, and Faolin.
Vehicle: hopefully a motorcycle soon
Status: Engaged :iconzadok-shadow617::
Favorite types of food: BBQ ribs, grapes
Favorite types of drink: lemonade, chocolate milk
Hobbies/past times: drawing, laptop, friends, dancing, role playing
Guilty pleasures: chocolate milk
Pets: Duma(beagle), Momo(akita, pit bull mix)
Favourite colors: ice blue, night blue, pitch black
Favorite type of music: techno, rock
Favorite quotes: "Welcome to Walmart, get your shit and get out." "I keel you!" "Assume= ass/(of)/u/(and)/me"
Personality: I can be shy at first when I meet a person, unless my close friends are around. Otherwise I will be quiet and laid back at first. I'll get to know a person first as to not be rude to them. When around my friends though I am a complete spaz! I am loyal to my family. I would give my life to protect any of them. I speak English(obviously) and i know a little Japanese and Spanish. I want to learn several other languages though. So far while I've been in service I have been to South and North Carolina, California, Hawaii, and Japan. I have also been through Georgia, Washington, and Alaska. Wonder where else I'll go. X3
The Great Wolf Packs by Night-Walker16 Getsuei Pack by Night-Walker16 Alphas by Night-Walker16
USA stamp by Night-Walker16 Germany Stamp by Night-Walker16 Ireland Stamp by Night-Walker16
Music Equals Life by Night-Walker16 Insane by Night-Walker16 Everyone has one by Night-Walker16

Pack Member:
Hayato: :iconnight-wolf96: - alpha
Yumi: :iconyumigetsuei: - beta
Takahiro: :icontakahiro-hellhound22: -soldier
Motoshi: :icongetsuei-motoshi: - soldier/hunter
Kiku: :iconcutiekatie429: - healer
Michiko: :iconslimyfur: - hunter
Akira: :icondark-cosplay: - hunter/messenger
Kizashi: :iconwolfkizashi19: - scout
Tetsuo - alpha
Eshi - beta
Momoto - soldier
Tasuku - solider/hunter
Tomoko - hunter
Washi - hunter
Mayu -scout
Suki - messenger

Just to give people a heads up, I'm going to be gone for about a month and a half on an OP out in the Pacific. So I won't be able to answer replies or any question for that time period. As soon as I get back I will put up another journal to let you know. Thank you!


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